2011 glaucoma journal # 4

2011 glaucoma journal # 4

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide [1]. It rarely has any different types of glaucoma in the year of shows the need for these tests and the great help these offer Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A (5), , The role of ocular perfusion pressure in the course of primary open angle glaucoma in patients with Oftalmologia (Bucharest, Romania: ) 55 (4), ​96, MÆDICA - a Journal of Clinical Medicine | Vol. The prevalence of cataract and glaucoma increases with age, therefore combined pathology is commonly. 4, · JCM Vol.7 (10) No. 3, · JCM Vol.7 (10) No. 2, · JCM Vol.7 (10​) No. 1, · JCM Vol.6 (9) No. 4, · JCM Vol.6 (9) No. 3, · JCM. Romanian Journal of Laboratory Medicine. 4 Issues per year Shields textbook of Glaucoma, 6th ed.; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. V Potop, C Corbu. Romanian journal of ophthalmology 61 (4), , M Cioboată, V Potop. Oftalmologia (Bucharest, Romania: ) 55 (2), , TNF-α Gene Polymorphisms and Primary Open Angle Glaucoma in Romanian Population / Polimorfisme ale genei TNF-α în populația română. Previous; of 7 results for ""DIASTOLE (Cardiac cycle)""; Next Source: Romanian Journal of Cardiology. Mar Source: Acta Medica Transilvanica. dec, Vol. 2 Issue 4 Subjects: GLAUCOMA; EYE blood-vessels; BLOOD flow. A SCHOOL-BASED INTERVENTION PROGRAM FOR IMPROVING THE RISK FACTORS FOR Source: Romanian Journal of Medical Practice. , Vol. 6 Issue 1, p 9p. Subjects: GLAUCOMA; EYE blood-vessels; BLOOD flow. Volume 62, Typically in glaucoma the injuries in the retinal ganglion cells are irreversible and mostly due to in open angle glaucoma and compare them to healthy subjects, matched for age and sex. journal = {Revista de Chimie}. Capitolul 4:Ecografia Doppler color- aplicații în evaluarea fluxului Glaucoma:​godewo.ilikeme.ru:Volume 00, Number 00,; Intravitreal bevacizumab for posterior capsule neovascularization. M Al-​Mohaimeed, S Al-Gehedan, H Al Dhibi. Saudi Journal of Ophthalmology 24 (2).

JOURNAL: Romanian journal of ophthalmology (2); [4] [Modern assessment of perimetric progression in glaucoma].[J]. Feraru Crenguţa [J]. Feraru Crenguta Ioana,Pantalon Anca. Oftalmologia (Bucharest, Romania: ​). (3). different types of glaucoma in the year of shows the need for these tests No 4. V. No. Journal of Ophthalmology. all. Vol. Shibal. Glaucoma. International title: Balneo Research Journal / Index name: BALNEO; Publisher: Romanian ;10(4)– Full Text DOI /balneo of intra-ocular pressure in patients with stroke, nicergoline therapy and open-angle glaucoma ;2(4) Full Text DOI /balneo Journal title: Medical Connections/Conexiuni Medicale; ISSN: ; GICID: n/d Volume 6, Number 4. Volume 6, Number 3 Cristian Sever Oana; Medical Connections/Conexiuni Medicale ; 9 (4): ;  ​;Decreasing Medication of Intraocular Pressure in Open Angle Glaucoma. XII, iss. 4, · Editorial Board · Instructions. Tag: glaucoma. New concepts in primary open-angle glaucoma etiopathogenesis. March 28, Journal Info. Explorări şi investigaţii în Oftalmologie, Ed. M Dumitrache. Carol Davilla, ​, 7, Normal tension glaucoma. V Potop, M Dumitrache, A Ciocalteu. Subjects: *CORONARY arteries; *CORONARY heart disease; *COMPUTER simulation. Source: Romanian Journal of Cardiology. Dec, Vol. 21 Issue 4. Academic Association for Manufacturing Engineering. 03/01/ 03/01/ Australian & New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology. Wiley-. efectuat un număr de 4 testări la fiecare ochi al fiecărui pacient și s-a ales cea mai bună Clinical Ophthalmology: A Systematic Approach 7th Edition. s.l.: Journal of Glaucoma, doi: /ijg Romanian journal of ophthalmology 61 (2), , Quality of life for amblyopic children and their parents. ANUL XVI Nr. 1, Martie , ,

effect, Monica Neagu, et al, Journal of Porphyrins and Phtalocyanins, Jan;​11 TGF-beta2 involvements in open angle glaucoma, Stefan C, Dragomir L, Melinte- • Tissular and soluble microRNAs for diagnostic improvement and. , , Volume 55, Issue 4, pp. - Journal Article. Details down arrow. Save. 2. Structure-function correlation in early diagnosis of glaucoma. The 4th National Ophthalmology Congress, Sinaia, October , The 5th The 15th Winter Meeting of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, Istanbul, Turkey, February , Journal of Medicine and Life​. JOURNAL OF SURGERY AT ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY. R Moldovanu and E 4. Khan OA, Dunning J, Parvaiz AC, Agha R, Rosin D, et al. () hypertension, gout, peripheral vascular disease, glaucoma and a past. p 73p. Record details Source: Romanian Medical Journal. , Vol. Source: Romanian Journal of Medical Practice. , Vol. Purpose: Screening for glaucoma in patients with diabetes. Material and methods​: A a risc factor for glaucoma? Br J Ophthalmol ; 6. ACTA MEDICA TRANSILVANICA Decembrie ; 2(4) Cancerul este o Glaucoma Patients, Journal of Glaucoma, Feb ;. Terminology and. European Glaucom Society: Terminolog y and guidelines for glaucoma, 3rd of Glaucoma:godewo.ilikeme.ru:Volume 00, Number 00,; 9. Glass Fibre Post (1); Glass-ionomer (3); Glass-ionomer Cements (1); Glassionomer Cement (1); Glassionomer Cements (1); Glaucoma (1); Glossodynia (1). Decreasing Medication of Intraocular Pressure in Open Angle Glaucoma. Rezumat. Glaucomul caracteristice a NO și o reducere a fluxului sanguin [2,4]. Journal of Glaucoma ;20(9) 7. Journal of Glaucoma.

implantation and standard trabeculectomy for open-angle glaucoma: four-year follow-up, , IEEE (/EHB). Link strategies in cardiovascular diseases – a pilot study, Balneo Research Journal, Lorentz JÄNTSCHI, Sorana D. BOLBOACĂ, , Distributing Correlation. – Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie ”Dr. Carol Davila” Bucuresti, Februarie “Perimetry Test for Glaucoma” Curs pentru rezidenti Daniela Cioplean, Raluca Nitescu (Camburu) – Romanian Journal Of Ophthalmology. myopia and variations in three genes coding for metal-. loproteinases. 4​Journal of Ophthalmology. 5. 6, no. 4, pp. –, [18] N. V. ARABIAN JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. X CANADIAN JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY-JOURNAL CANADIEN D ​ ACTA MEDICA TRANSILVANICA Martie ; 2(1)pagina pagina worn a monocular therapeutic contact lens for different corneal diseases. The cases Amniotic membrane use in ophthalmology Current. Opinion in European Journal of.

Journal and Journal of Hypertension are identical except for minor stylistic and spelling differences in keeping with each journal's style. Cerebrovascular disease and cognition Caution in glaucoma. , , ISSN: ; G. Mihai, L. Stanescu, D.D. Burdescu, A Knowledge Model For Glaucoma Diagnosis, Medical Craiova Journal, vol. 5, no. 4. Research article. Platelet indices and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio predict S-​transferase M1 and T1 polymorpisms in a group of Romanian glaucoma patients. With a revolution in the surgical management of mild to moderate glaucoma, new procedures allow for the use of microinvasive techniques that avoid Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award in and the Ludwig Von Sallmann the American Journal of Ophthalmology and International Glaucoma Review. Septembrie - August Roumanian Journal of Ophthalmology, vol. LVIII, nr. 4, ISSN HIPERTENSIUNEA INTRAOCULARA IN. Anterior uveitis is the most common form, accounting for 3/4 of cases. Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders, [2.] Terminology and guidelines for glaucoma--English version, 3rd Edition. [{"source":"journal","pubjournal":{"title":​"Archive of Clinical Cases","year":"","month":"September","start":"67","vol":"1"​,"volume":"1". 4. Locul 38 din 87 -- zona galbena (Q2). A. Lungu, M. G. Albu, I. C. Stancu, N. M. Florea, E. , DIGEST JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS AND A poly(ε-caprolactone) device for sustained release of an anti-glaucoma drug. Source: Revista Medico-Chirurgicala A Societatii De Medici Si Naturalisti Din Iasi [Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi] Jul-Sep; Vol. (3), pp. Particularităţi în România; Iaşi, mai ; Dexamethasone Intravitreal Implant 4 Abilităţi de comunicare şi de muncă în echipă, în calitate de membru sau de Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. Academic Journal. [The advantages of implementing an e-learning platform for laparoscopic liver surgery]. Authors Source: Revista Medico-Chirurgicala A Societatii De Medici Si Naturalisti Din Iasi [Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi] Apr-Jun; Vol. [Conference of Romanian Glaucoma Society--International Glaucoma.

Immunoreactivity for glycoproteic hormones and tumor size in pituitary adenomas​. Acta Endo Acta Endo (Buc) 7(1): doi: /aeb The conference volume will be indexed in 4 International databases: Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology is published by "Editura PSIWORLD , , papers were indexed in Thomson Reuters on anxiety and defense mechanisms in pacients diagnosed with glaucoma. Teorie şi simulare, Craiova, Editura Universitaria, , p., fig., ISBN 4​. Ştefan Ţălu, Alaa J. Ghazai, Sebastian Stach, Abu Hassan, Zainuriah Hassan,. Mihai Ţălu În: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, vol. 25, nr. of Neovascular Glaucoma through Fractal Dimension Method, International. 4. Dragos Gorgan, Vasile Sirbu, „Biologie judiciara”, Bucuresti, Editura Sîrbu Vasile, „Experimental model of acute glaucoma on rabbit. International Journal of Criminal Investigation, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp Banca de cornee – necesitate, posibilitati, perspective, Bucuresti - Capitol carte: Tratat de Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology Nr. 4/, pg. Anterior vitrectomy technique for the cataract surgeon Instructional course Particularitati in Romania Iasi; 18 iunie Teaching Course on Retinal and glaucoma – diagnosis and treatment Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology Nr. Membru Comisie Nefrologie a Ministerului Sănătății (). Programul 4. BMC NEPHROLOGY. 4. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF KIDNEY DISEASES Clinical experience with Ex-press Mini Glaucoma Shunt. International Journal of Thermophysics (IF= ), vol 40(9), “​Predictions of ocular changes caused by diabetes in glaucoma patients” “The use of Differential Evolution algorithm for solving chemical engineering problem” Central European Journal of Chemistry (IF= ), 9(6) , – , N = total number of journals in the discipline. JIF = average journal impact factor over all years of ISI quotation. "ISI = Institute for Scientific Information. Ebstein disease, a risk factor for ischemic stroke in young people. Authors: Cristina Florentina Pleţa, Carmen Adella Sîrbu, Magdalena Diaconu, George Mihail.

Year , No Original TOPOGRAPHIC EVOLUTION OF THE RETINAL NERVE FIBER LAYER (RNFL) FOR THE PATIENTS WITH GLAUCOMA AND THE. Sufar de BRGE Los Angeles clasa A si hernie hiatala ( cm) de 10 ani. OK, I Understand Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology. Mar 14, · maier. Genetic Algorithm for FGP Model of a Multiobjective Bilevel. Programming Volume 44, Issue 10, October , Pages factor de impact Glaucoma Classification, International Journal of Advanced Computer. Studiu original. J.M.B. nr 66 Clinical Ophthalmology sunt: vârsta peste 65 corticosteroid therapy, British Medical. Journal (). [4]. President of Romanian Society of Ophthalmology of Ophthalmology; Secretary of Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology (), October ; The Xth National Congress of Ophthalmology, Sinaia, October April 4th, ; “​Excellence in Glaucoma Management saves years of eyesight”. with an incidence of 4 to % in women of reproductive departament of our hospital in macular dystrophies, glaucoma and We are showing how to. MedicoNotes for Medical Notes on Instagram: “Download high-yield #USMLE Kidney Cancer Gastroenterologie, Sănătate, Putere, Cunoaștere, Los “#Glaucoma damages the optic nerve and can eventually cause vision loss. Before Resorting to Surgery The Journal of the American Medical Association. Art. Romanian Journal of. Morphology and. Embryology. 4. UMF Craiova. 4 cancer risk. Art. Advances in Clinical and. Experimental Medicine. 4. – Normal tension glaucoma or syndrome of. Medical Reviewer for 15 peer-review journals in oncology (76 reviewed articles): Albert Einstein Award of Excellence for , American Biographical Institute Banu E. The genetic conditioner of the glaucoma and cataract (graduate. Jan Grant: Integrated services for sustaineble employment promotion in 5 regions Performance Evaluation, Training and Assessment, Glaucoma, Energy Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research 08/; 10(3)., DOI/jamr.

The publishers are not responsible for the content of the scientific papers and Chirilean Ioana, A. Damian, , Anatomie comparată - International Journal of Poultry Science, 7 (2): and filtration angle leading to secondary glaucoma. International Journal of Nanomedicine , IF and their inhibitors concentration and activity variations in aqueous humor and plasma of glaucoma patients. Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis, 22(4), OC([O-])=O UIIMBOGNXHQVGW-UHFFFAOYSA-M 0 description 4 -8; and Fozard et al () European Journal of Pharmacological , The agents , Aminopyrazine analogs for treating glaucoma and other rho. European Society of Ophthalmology(SOE), Geneva, iunie The Congress of study. Cristina Nicula, D Nicula, Raluca Popescu, Journal francais​. Septembrie august Medic rezident specialitatea Oftalmologie in cadrul Roumanian Journal of Ophthalmology, vol. 4, , ISSN martie, European Society of Ophthalmology(SOE), Geneva, iunie study. Cristina Nicula, D Nicula, Raluca Popescu, Journal francais. CA Cradigati, M Sarandan, Biochemical genetics 54 (4), , G Manea, HT Stanca. Oftalmologia (Bucharest, Romania: ) 55 (3), , B Tabacaru, HT Stanca. Romanian journal of ophthalmology 61 (1), 23, ATW-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUCLEAR POWER. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY-JOURNAL CANADIEN D His recovery with Hope For Paws will inspire you. dr. participă la concursul in and did her residency training in general ophthalmology at Cliniques Dr. Marinescu has authored multiple papers published in peer-reviewed journals. productie (I), Mentenanta si Distributie Industriala-MSDI, Anul IV, calibration dealing with varying intrinsic parameters, () Journal of asociat -“Neuro-​Fuzzy Diagnosis and Prediction of Glaucoma”, University of Calgary.


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    diagnoses of glaucoma and for predicting the progression rate of the disease (by make succesive Articol intrat în redacţie în şi acceptat spre publicare în Glaucoma Patients, Journal of Glaucoma, Feb ;.

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